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Regulatory Compliance

Cost Accounting Standards (CAS Coverage)

We can help optimize your allocation and other cost accounting structures, fill any holes in your policies and procedures, and then document everything in the government’s required format. We encourage our clients to go through the statement preparation process BEFORE they become CAS covered, specifically to surface those accounting practice issues. Then when a company is mandated to implement Cost Accounting Standards, the disclosure statement requirement is one of just review and submission, not preparation.

  • CAS Readiness Reviews
  • CAS Disclosure Statement Preparation Assistance, and Review
  • Cost Impact Preparation, Assistance and Review
  • Noncompliance Corrective Action Assistance

Cost Claims and Submissions

Stop work orders, terminations for convenience, and other extraordinary contractual actions are so rarely used that most contractors never see one. Even the most experienced contracts professional would have to research the topic to determine what to do, and the rules are different for each kind of action. We have process guides to help ensure you properly record all the costs you are entitled to recover. We can help you prepare the claim to the government and support your review and negotiation process. We provide the following services regarding cost claims and submissions:

  • SCA Wage Determination Changes and Cost Impact
  • Davis-Bacon Act
  • Stop Work Orders
  • Cure Action Notices
  • Terminations for Convenience
  • Requests for Equitable Adjustment

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