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JS Morlu, LLC is a Certified Public Accountants and Management Consultants firm. Our team of experts has vast experience spanning more than 20 years in their respective field. In our resources section, we will provide relevant materials and information so that you our clients and prospects are informed about industry trends and news. We will further use this section to update you on progress within JS Morlu, LLC.

Our team of experts in various disciplines will provide their expert knowledge on various topics ranging from audit, finance, accounting, telecommunications, taxes and other fields that will serve as conduit of advice and source of information to you.

A team of communication experts will also provide a graphic explanation of our work and interaction with clients and prospects through audio recordings and pictorials.

We will periodically provide you with updates on our financial management guides which are downloadable. These guides contain useful information that you can use to protect your resources, and improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. Remaining informed of changes in business practices and regulatory reforms is essential in creating and maintaining a competitive advantage in the growing global market place.

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You can email us at [email protected] or call us on 703-594-4944 to give us your feedback or ask us questions that will give you clarity on financial and business related issues facing your company. You are our partner and we remain available to ensure your success.