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Public Sector

We work with governments and agencies to develop the strategies and capabilities needed to address the leadership challenges that matter most. By drawing on our public, private and social sector experience, we work to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of government institutions, enabling them to better fulfill their mission to the public.

We are well qualified to provide services in this specialized arena, and all of our personnel are thoroughly familiar with auditing standards, federal accounting standards, cost accounting concepts and principles, and administrative requirements covering a wide variety of governmental assignments. We employ a risk based approach that:

  • Fully integrates information technology processes and controls;
  • Properly considers and leverages internal controls;
  • Places an emphasis on audit planning to ensure proper testing of controls, balances and compliance with laws and regulations; and
  • Requires open and timely communication with stakeholders.

Our services can assist our clients to achieve the following:

  • Establish proper governance structures (e.g. Senior Assessment Teams);
  • Identify, document and test key controls over financial reporting;
  • Remediate deficient controls by developing and implementing corrective action plans; and
  • Develop audit ready annual assurance statements.

Financial Accounting Services

  • Accounting operations support
  • Internal Control Assessment and Compliance Account balance reconciliations
  • Fund balance with Treasury reconciliations
  • Validating undelivered orders
  • Preparing financial statements and footnotes
  • Audit liaison
  • Addressing auditor requests
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Audit Ready Assessment

Contract and Grant Services

  • Financial Statement Audits
  • Performance Audits
  • Financial and Compliance Audits of Government Contracts
  • Financial and Compliance Audits of Grants
  • Accounting System Evaluation and Design

Other Audit Services

  • Follow-Up Audits OMB Circular A-50)
  • Recovery Audits
  • Agreed-Upon Procedures
  • Information System Audits


Financial Management Budgeting
and planning of public revenue and expenditures. This can include projects such as expenditure analysis, innovative project-finance models such as public-private partnerships, and exploring new methods of revenue generation. The goal of our public-finance work is to help governments be more accountable to those they serve by ensuring the most efficient use of public funds in
achieving public goals.

Information Technology (IT)

Among the most challenging issues facing governments today is how to use IT effectively and cost-efficiently. IT is a critical tool for enabling the government to deliver more and higher-quality services to more constituents. However, many government agencies have experienced IT’s downside—systems that don’t deliver the desired functionality, cost overruns, premature obsolescence, and severe procurement problems.

We help our clients manage or avoid many of the most common IT-related pitfalls. As a result, we have developed a distinctive perspective on infrastructure transformation, IT architecture and application modernization, and technology-driven data.


Governmental agencies are among the most complex organizations in nearly every country in the world. They often are large, have multiple objectives, and face increasing demands to deliver more services at a lower cost. As a result of this complexity, JS Morlu, LLC routinely helps government clients on organizational issues, including:

  • Shaping major reform programs, including changing mind-sets and behaviors and transforming overall performance.
  • Redesigning their organizations and their interaction with stakeholders.
  • Building leadership capacity, creating talent management strategies, and enhancing organization wide capabilities.

Public Sector Information Sheet

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