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Multilateral Institutions & Donor Agencies

Foreign Assistance and Grants provided by international organizations still play an important role in the economic and social development of developing countries, especially post war fragile countries. Financial constraints in many of the donor countries have made taxpayers in donor countries to demand more accountability, transparency and value for money. Taxpayers in recicipient countries are also demanding same.

Lowering fiduciary risks therefore is critical both by the recipient countries and donor institutions. JS Morlu, LLC has financial experts and accountants with more than 20 years of experience working in developing countries. Our team of experts includes former state auditors and private sector auditors from the developed and the developing world.

We have developed network of contacts and relationships with more than 35 external state audit agencies in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean, combining our knowledge of the local environment and access to important local functionaries to improve quality of information obtained, analysis conducted and make reasonable recommendations to our clients.

We audit programs and projects and external aid for development financed by foreign assistance from governments and multilateral institutions. We also provide Peer Review Consulting Services to ensure when audits are outsourced to local firms and Supreme Audit Institutions in developing countries that is a mechanism put in place to perform regular Peer Review so that donor agencies and multilateral institutions are assured that audits and investigations are done to standards.

We specifically provide the following services:

Financial Audits and Systems Audits

  • Financial Statement Audits of programs and projects.
  • Internal Control Audits of administrative and financial structures and procedures in place.

Other Audit Assignments and Related Audits

  • Operational Audits, examining the management of programs and projects for efficiency and effectiveness.Compliance
  • Assessment of the standards applied by a Recipient to equivalent internationally accepted standards.
  • Verification of projects managed by international organizations, analyzing the national budgetary system, such as the workings of public sector accounting and checking the expenditure trail, as part of budgetary support.
  • Follow-Up Audits Recovery Audits
  • Agreed-Upon Procedures
  • Information System Audits

Forensic Accounting and Anti-Corruption Services

  • Forensic Audits in cases of fraud or suspected fraud intended to find evidence which can be used in subsequent proceedings.
  • Financial Crime Litigation Support, including evidence gathering and analysis, testifying in court, and documenting analysis.


  • Preparing, adapting and updating information and/or teaching materials on audit-related matters.
  • Organizing and delivering training courses on audit related matters to governments, and staff and employees of multilateral institutions and donor agencies.
  • Capacity building, strengthening local government, transparency and anti-corruption efforts.

Financial Accounting Consulting

  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)

Peer Review Services

  • Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs)
  • Local firms in the target markets