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Foundations are spending billions of dollars to solve many of the world’s problems. Foundations funding goes into healthcare, education, technology, and food safety, all aimed at reducing poverty and improving conditions of millions of people in developing countries.

No doubt with declining foreign assistance and risk minimizing private sector, Foundations are playing a much larger role today globally in providing funding to the developing world. Foundations have become the third way in global funding.

Funding Foundations are channeling funding through local and international not-for-profit organizations, international organizations and foreign governments. The challenge for Foundations is ensuring that all those billions spent are actually reaching the intended beneficiaries in these developing countries.

Foundations and Beneficiaries want the same thing: Accountability and Transparency of the funds. How can Foundations be assured that all the AIDS drugs and other interventions are reaching to the intended recipients. Some countries have invested in their own Public Expenditure Tracking Systems (PETS).

While such innovative initiative like PETS is a good fit effort to track funding down to the intended beneficiaries, Foundations need independent assurance beyond PETS. Corruption is a big problem in many of the developing world, which requires high level experience to investigate. Foundations may not have the internal expertise or the local knowledge to conduct a full audit or investigations in recipient countries. We are therefore the solution!

With global expertise in auditing and forensic accounting services, coupled with localized knowledge, JS Morlu, LCC can provide the solutions and ease of mind for Foundations. We have networks and contacts with more than 35 state auditing agencies in Africa, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. We also have local and international experts of auditors and investigators, without borders, who are uniquely positioned to produce high quality and objective reports.

At JS Morlu, LLC, we understand Foundations rather spent scarce financial resources on services. With our knowledge of the local environment and our extensive network of consultants and experts, we use a Risk Based Approach and the 80/20 Rule. Through Risk Profiling, we can assist Foundations concentrate their audits and investigative efforts on 20% of the projects and programs to achieve 80% of the solutions. And we can do it with 60% of the cost it will take to contract a Big 4 Accounting Firm.

You can rely on us to deliver for you the following services:

Audit and Assurance Services

  • Financial Statement Audits of programs and projects.
  • Operational Audits, examining the management of programs and projects for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Compliance Audits to ensure contractual provisions and operational agreements are being met.

Forensic Accounting and Anti-Corruption Services

  • Forensic Audits in cases of fraud or suspected fraud intended to find evidence which can be used in subsequent proceedings.
  • Financial Crime Litigation Support, including evidence gathering and analysis, testifying in court, and documenting analysis.