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JS Morlu, LLC clients are from a variety of industries, including:

Government Contractors

Governments, at the state level or federally in the USA and abroad, annually spend hundreds of billions of dollars on procurement. Given the nearly unlimited nature of these contracting opportunities, almost any company can obtain government contracts. But contracting with the government can introduce special problems that require proven expertise. (read more…)

Not-for Profit Organizations

All nonprofit organizations are not the same: just as their missions are different, so are their business needs. In the current environment, the demand for accountability and transparency is the New Normal. A single financial misstep that creates actual or perception that fraud has occurred in your operations could lead to the undoing of your firm. (read more…)

Multilateral Institutions and Donor Agencies

Foreign Assistance and Grants provided by international organizations still play an important role in the economic and social development of developing countries, especially post war fragile countries. Financial constraints in many of the donor countries have made taxpayers in donor countries to demand more accountability, transparency and value for money. Taxpayers in recicipient countries are also demanding same. (read more…)

Subsidiaries of Multinational Firms

A growing number of international firms are in competition in foreign countries. Beyond exporting services and products, international firms are operating in foreign countries through whole and partially owned subsidiaries, joint ventures and strategic partnerships. Often, they are faced with enormous challenges due to different laws, financial accounting and tax regimes. (read more…)


Foundations are spending billions of dollars to solve many of the world’s problems. Foundations funding goes into healthcare, education, technology, and food safety, all aimed at reducing poverty and improving conditions of millions of people in developing countries. (read more…)

Public Sector

We work with governments and agencies to develop the strategies and capabilities needed to address the leadership challenges that matter most. By drawing on our public, private and social sector experience, we work to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of government institutions, enabling them to better fulfill their mission to the public. (read more…)

Service Organizations

Outsourcing is a critical function that can be done effectively and efficiently by an outside organization and is today an important aspect of doing business domestically and globally. These organizations are providing services to their customers that impact financial reporting processes. They are therefore often subject to audits of the processes executed on behalf of their customers.(read more…)

Small Businesses

Small businesses are the back bone of the U.S. economy, accounting for 75 percent of private sector jobs. Painfully, 75 percent of small businesses also fail within the first five years. A significant number of small businesses also remained small throughout their existence. Many small businesses failed or do not grow to become large businesses. The reason is simple. Many small businesses are more focused on providing reliable and quality services and products. This is a good thing because high quality service or products retained existing customers and bring in new ones. (read more…)

Health Care and Medical Insurance

Our Healthcare practice serves two sets of clients: Government and Private Sector. We support the work of healthcare practitioners to get them audit ready and ensure that their claim submissions are in compliance with Medicare and Medicaid Guidelines. (read more…)