Our Pricing Policy

Traditionally, a ‘time multiplied by rate per hour’ method is used to determine the cost of work. Nearly every accounting firm worldwide uses this method.

We realize that this method is  archaic. It is also a conflict of interest, because it means (as a profession) we are directly rewarded for how inefficient we are. The longer we take to do the job, the more we get. It does not promote good customer service or faster completion time. This also means the client has no idea how much the job will cost until the bill is received. We don’t think that is fair!

We believe clients deserve to know in advance how much the job will cost and what it entails. As a modern and progressive firm, we have decided to change this old business practice. Before a job starts, we tell clients how much it will cost, and  sign an agreement to that effect. This gives them the opportunity to discuss any questions with us at the outset.

Yours Sincerely,